Table Top Exercise


Two table-top-exercises have been organised in 2014 with the aim to identify critical points and to promote an exchange of good practises and lessons learnt from other countries in similar contexts.

The first table-top-exercise was held in Pisa, Italy in January 2014 while the second table-top exercise was held in Tallin, Estonia in March 2014.

The exercises simulated and tested specific aspects of a CBRN emergency in a functional way with the final objective to highlight weak points and gaps so to provide an improvement tool for first responders and law enforcement officers.

In order to reach this objective it was fundamental to have both technical inputs and an independent evaluation. These allow the exercises to build over existing experience and lessons learnt and that the exercises’results are captured and used at the best of their potentiality for the next phases of the project (as WP4 ‘Gap Analysis’) when these results will be deepened and taken into consideration for further improvements.

Please download here our Comprehensive Evaluation Report