Italian National Fire-Fighters Corp (CNVVF)

The Italian National Fire-Fighters Corp (CNVVF) depends on the Ministry of the Interiors and it is articulated into Directorates and offices at the central, regional and local level.

The main activities of the Fire-Fighters include: fire prevention, fire prevention training, judicial police, civil defense. Their presence on the whole national territory is guaranteed by personnel specialised also in rescue operations such as: helicopter and scuba operations, port/airport personnel, canine units, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and CBRN teams, technical Spelean Alpine River and telecommunications operating personnel. It acquired international experience through missions abroad, such as: earthquake in Japan (2011), earthquake in Haiti (2010), flood in Georgia (2005), Tsunami in Sri Lanka (2004/2005), earthquake in Iran (2003/2004), earthquake in Algeria (2003), humanitarian assistance in Kosovo and earthquake in Turkey (1999) and exercises, such as: EU Richter 2011, Orion 2010, PSI Canale 2009, OPCW Assistex Tunisia 2010.

The Fire Department of Pisa has, in particular, a USAR team following INSARAG guidelines with experience at national and international level and a CBRN team specialised in RN interventions with advanced equipment.

Comando Provinciale di PISA

Project Contact Person: Comandante Ing. Marco Frezza,

Viale Matteotti, n. 2 – 56126 PISA – ITALY